Proofreading, copy-editing,


French-to-English and Swedish-to-English translation

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My simple, straightforward fee structure means you always know what to expect

– no hidden charges, no nasty surprises

Proofreading/light editing:

£9 per thousand words pro rata

For run-of-the-mill typing errors, minor grammatical slips or spelling mistakes, clarity and consistency of style


Heavy editing:

£17 per thousand words pro rata

For frequent and serious grammatical or spelling mistakes, e.g. when the writer's first language is not English



£45 per hour



£0.10, 1.20 kr or €0.12 per word of French or Swedish text

For general texts with a turnaround of at least 24 hours. This rate may rise for highly specialised texts or very fast turnarounds. All of my translations are handcrafted: I never use computer-assisted shortcuts.


If you would like me to work on-site, I am happy to come to you, geography and the laws of time and space permitting. In such cases I will charge by the day, rather than by the word or the hour  – please contact me to discuss your needs.

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