Proofreading, copy-editing,


French-to-English and Swedish-to-English translation

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You've got a vital research question, a treasure trove of material and a killer argument. Make them leap off the page.

If you're in the humanities or social sciences, I will ensure that you:


Write clearly, accurately and fluently, even if English is not your first language

Strike the right tone for your audience, whether they are advanced scholars in your field, students or the general public

Get rid of distractions such as typos and inconsistencies, so that the reader can concentrate on your ideas

Put the manuscript into your department's, journal's or publisher's house style, with the correct formatting, footnotes and references


My wealth of experience means that I've seen the academic writing process from every angle: as a student, a researcher, a teacher, a PhD supervisor and examiner, a journal referee and editorial board member, and a published author. Whether you're editing an essay, polishing a proposal or finessing a full manuscript, I can help you get the details right.